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- Why do we call it Corporate hobbies?

- Because they can usually better explain Job Content Skills needed.

Job content skills are those skills specific to a job or occupation. Job content skills are important to employers for obvious reasons. These are the specific skills they are looking for in a candidate to accomplish the duties of the job. However, job skills aren’t always acquired from employment. Along with the skills you used in previous jobs, you may have developed job skills through education, hobbies, community activities, and life experiences. Common activities such as shopping, managing finances, balancing a bank account, hosting a party, and teaching a child all contain potential job skills. Sometimes called "personality traits," these self-management skills are the skills you use every day to get along with others and to survive. They are the skills that make you unique. Self-management skills include such things as:

1) Sincerity; 2) Reliability; 3) Tactfulness; 4) Patience; 5) Flexibility and 6) Tolerance.

Employers look for these skills in candidates as evidence of how they will "fit" into the organization. That's why we think that Corporate Hobbies should better represent our preferences on the job market as well.