Softhawkway Ltd.

     Softhawkway Ltd. was started in 1997 in Toronto (Canada) as a Software QA and Testing Consulting company. The founders named the Company by combining the words "SOFTware" and "HAWKWAY" ("merchandise way"). Their vision was to help people to evaluate software quality based on their clients' perceptions of a product's design and how well the design matches the original specifications.
     Based on the extensive hands-on experience each Softhawkway's consultant also provides specific skills upgrade courses for QA specialists, which would like to share latest QA methodologies and software testing techniques. They can offer convenient class schedules. The dedicated Career Services department will offer additional help to find a new opportunity on the SQA market.
     This web site should be a good source of the carefully selected and recommended by our Software Quality Experts set of tools that can be successfully implemented in any SQA related project.
    If you have any suggestions or comments, or any questions about latest release of Quality Expert Toolkit and new trends in the Software Quality Assurance methodology please do not hesitate to contact our SQA experts.

QUality Expert Software Toolkit (QUEST)
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