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QA Standards
IEEE standards
(IEEE 829.83 - Software Testing Documentation)

ANSI standards
(ANSI SQL-1986 / SQL2-1992 / SQL3-1999 )

SQA implementation samples
    Detailed SQA FAQs
    Sample SQA Test Plan

Shareware software web sites
  www.asp-shareware.org - Association of Shareware     Professionals
  www.winfiles.com - well organized catalog search
  www.jumbo.com - over 300,000 shareware and
    freeware software

  www.simtel.net/simtel.net - still includes DOS software
  www.tucows.com - Very large Shareware site mainly
    for Internet tools

  www.malektips.envprogramming.com - all platforms     coverage
  www.shareware.cnet.com - former     www.shareware.com
  www.download.cnet.com - former www.download.com
  www.ftpsearch.lycos.com - FTP entries search engine
  www.idibbs.com/excel/ep.htm - Excel Progs
    Shareware Organization