Serge Pyatigorsky is the principal consultant at Softhawkway (SHW) Ltd.
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Summary of qualifications

Over 14 years of extensive experience in realtime software applications and data base applications for information systems management.Wide experience in the entire network software development process from concept definition, system (protocols) specification and requirements analysis, software design using engineering environment, coding, debugging, system, functional and unit testing (Joint Application Design approach).

Professional skills

UNIX (AIX4.3, Solaris 2.x (SunOS 5.x), SCO UnixWare, Linux-2,POSIX),RTX, VAX/VMS, MVS, OS/400, Windows NT,OS/2 Warp 3/4, MS-DOS.
ANSI X.12 EDI, OBI,OFC, finXML/wcsXML (other financial protocols)
with different shopping metaphors: B2C, B2B (S2S/SBS),P2P
IEEE/ANSI 829/830-1998; ISO/IEC 9126.x; Unicode standards (ISO etc.)
BiSync/Async protocols, TCP/IP, X.25 (Nortel DPN-100),wireless RTU
MS IE 5.5, NS 6 (HTML4/XML/PML/XHTML, HTTP/FTP,SSL/MIME) Web Servers: Lotus Domino Go, Apache 1.3/ IBM HTTP,iPlanet (NES), MS IIS
ANSI SQL-92/99, C (TSL,DTL), C++, Pascal, Java (JDBC),AWK, Perl5, Visual Basic, FORTRAN, COBOL, Assembler,Visual Test script, UML2
Dynamic Unit Testing environment ( Cantata , Test Suite design IEEE-1175 ) Static Software Analysis ( McCabe Tools, LogiScope, C-DOC ) Test case generation tools (Ensemble and TeamWork/C, TeamTest 7.x ) DOORS (Dynamic Object Oriented Requirements System ) with DXL ext. ATF 5 (Automatic Test Facility) tool for GUI client-server application testing Test Management/Playback tools (TestDirector, WinRunner 4.02, SQA*Suite) Internet specific test tools: SilkTest5, Astra SiteTest, LoadRunner,Visual Test6
MS Access97, Lotus Approach, Oracle 8i, DB2/7.1,SYBASE, Delphi, FoxPro
Network/Protocol/Logic analyzers and Emulators from different vendors