Nov.1996 - Jan.1998
   Software Engineer, ALCATEL CANADA, Toronto, Canada.
   Produced Traceability Matrices between Requirements and Test objectives (Test Procedures) using DOORS and ACCESS databases
   Created Software Validation test procedures based on an equivalence class partitioning methodology ( integration testing - black-box testing approach )
   Designed and developed Software test drivers for interface testing (telecommunication component testing: Telix, SoftScope) in the Vital Software (Mission-critical) apps.
   Performed Bust-It and Stress scenario based testing for Railway control system
   Developed and implemented Unit testing (C source code - white-box testing approach) for Complex System (more than 1600 units per system component)
   Designed and evaluated GUI based client-server software testing (Playbacks, DTL - Distributed Testing Language) using Windows NT and OS/2 environment
   Generated Test Plans and System Abnormality Reports for Performance, Regression and Stress testing
   Solaris, SunOS, Windows NT, OS/2, WinRunner, ATF, TestDirector

Sep.1995 - Sep.1996
   System Analyst and R&D engineer, PMI Ltd., Israel.
   Designed and developed embedded software for medical instrumentation. The software features include device drivers, user interface and data logging.
   Provided testing and verification of safety-critical control systems by automatic software quality detectors (static code metrics, dynamic execution detectors, etc. ).
   Designed and developed a software package for firmware quality control.
   Wrote software quality documentation in accordance to CE and FDA standards.
   Embedded C, C++, Clipper 5, SCADA systems, LogiScope, Testcenter.

Jun.1992 - Aug.1995
   Senior software engineer, SATEC Ltd., Jerusalem.
   Designed, developed, implemented and supported embedded software for digital Powermeters providing full energy monitoring for electrical distribution systems.
   Designed and developed real-time software application to monitor and control energy distribution in the Powermeter network. The software features include GUI, data logging, communication drivers via serial interfaces for industrial SCADA systems.
   Designed and developed automatic final test systems for firmware quality control.
   Developed embedded FFT algorithms for ASP & DSP systems.
   Embedded C, Pascal, PLC BASIC, Clipper 5, OS/2 Warp, Digital UNIX.